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Top of Blockchain or TOB is a blockchain-focused agency, focused on strategic services and bringing products to market from development of your offering and your brand and your community to establishing partnerships and channels that put your products and services in front of your customers.

Every company has a story, but there are different ways to tell that story. We apply our vast expertise in corporate storytelling to attract audiences, both B2B and B2C, in the world of blockchain. Because the industry is relatively new for many people, you need to express your and your product’s value in a way that is easily understood, reducing the complexity associated with the world of blockchain or crypto (and oftentimes you can do that without even mentioning either word!). Getting through to your audience is imperative for achieving your goals, whether it be a fundraising round, a partnership, an STO or equity raise. Our focus and experience in the blockchain industry create a unique advantage that helps us create superb value proposition and helps our clients reach their milestones.



Our creative and experienced team includes experts in Branding, Content Management, Web Design and UX, Social Media, PPC, SEO, PR, Business Development and more.

We build your specialized strategy on our integrated marketing philosophy of sincere, authentic relationship-building and setting manageable and measurable goals. We will help you put your vision into action, leading you every step of the way and help you manage your execution team to implement your vision.

We work together with you to help you succeed - we ensure that your management and operations team fits seamlessly with the strategy we build.


Build A Community Of Supporters

Build Trust

Create Your Identity And Your Brand

Establish You as a Leader in the Field

Create Business Opportunities


At TOB, we'll help you define and reach your target audience, develop messaging that speaks to them directly, position your product or service for success, gather your community under your channels and make it easy for them to engage, sign up for/acquire your product or service, or participate in the ICO. We'll create a customized plan that makes sense for your audience that includes market research on your audience persona, as well as content strategy and execution.


We are a team of professional marketing consultants, content and social media wizards. We will cover all your content needs, from web content and UX to whitepaper, one-pager, presentations, blogs, FAQs, interviews, lectures, social media campaign content and much more, as well as all your campaign needs from social media to PPC and SEO, Marketing automation and referral program that will scale your product.

Yael Tamar

Founder and General Manager

Shay Harari (Konverto)

PPC, Media, Automation, Referral

Grant de Graf

Content Writer

Mor Getz

Senior Content Writer

Rachel Segal

Senior Content Writer

Elisa Llewellyn-Sendik

Editor and Copywriter

Tasha Reshetnikova

Brand Narrative and Marketing

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